Self-service portal for a phone provider

Improvement of a self-service portal for a major cell phone provider. Multiple integrations and additional features for a webstore.

About a project

A Client, a major cell phone provider in Canada, contacted us to improve the company’s self-service portal. The Client wanted to digitally rethink the portal and provide users with a transparent way to activate, use, and set their phone accounts.

Our team participated in improvement of self serve portal by refactoring code, writing features, and performing backend integrations with other solutions. We also built the additional features that allowed users to register and update their profiles.

UUUSoftware met and communicated with other distributed teams to come up with the best decisions for the self-service portal transformation.

Client's challenges

  • Our task involved the refactoring of the legacy code that had little documentation.

  • We needed to coordinate, meet, and communicate with other distributed teams regarding registration and user authentication.

  • The project required an integration with other solutions and API of the project.

Our solutions

We started with analyzing the code of the solution. Then, we created the diagrams of how components of the interest function, and composed a list of questions.

UUUSoftware specialists communicated with the other teams, clarified the details of how the system should function. After all the preperations, we implemented the functionality and passed the results to the QA team for confirmation.

The self-service platform we improved allowed customers to check and manage their rate plans and personal settings online. All the payments and billings are also available online.

Project details

months of cooperation idea to prod
engineers (1 architect + 2 devs + 2 testers + 1 DevOps)
work hours provided

Tech Stack

  • ReactJS
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • JSX
  • Redux
  • SCSS
  • AJAX
  • Webpack
  • Microservices
  • .NET Core
  • REST
  • Entity framework
  • MassTransit
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
QA tools
  • Cypress
  • Jest
  • Postman
DevOps tools
  • AWS
  • EC2 instances
  • GitLab