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100% performance for a 50+ page website

The A to Z guide guide from our website performance experts!

Our performance strategy is a silver bullet for most of your concerns:

  • You want to scale with your existing site visitors and realize that you can turn existing visitors into customers without functionality and design changes.

  • During peak hours or periods of high traffic, the site is unresponsive. Despite your product’s high quality, your clients have left you for competitors.

  • Google Analytics shows a bounce rate of more than 60%, even on the first pages. A large number of services or functions makes the site performance drop.

  • The number of leads increases ONLY with paid traffic. However, a large percentage of visitors leave on the first or second site page. Still, even with retargeting, the bounce rate remains high.

You will find the answers to the painful questions:

  • How to increase revenue by up to 53% without additional investments?

  • How to determine what exactly overloads your site?

  • How to retain up to 79% of potential customers?

You'll also learn how we got our site to load in 1.7 seconds on the web and 0.4 seconds on mobile, despite 50+ pages and a slew of built-in services like Google Analytics, GTM, Get Call, calendar, Facebook, LinkedIn tags, and so on.

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About UUUSoftware

UUUSoftware is a software development and staff augmentation agency operating in Toronto since 2007. In 15+ years, we've accumulated deep domain expertise in a range of industries, including Finance, Banking, Healthcare, Automotive, and Telecom. Our team has been entrusted with the development of cutting-edge solutions for such market giants as IBM, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Rogers Communications, and many others.

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