How to hire faster so you can scale your business?

Andrey A.
Andrey A.
May 9, 20222 min read

Filling positions in the IT market today may seem more difficult than ever. During the pandemic, the demand for IT talent became as high as ever before. It’s even higher than the total number of available candidates on the market. Especially if we are talking about the talented and hardworking ones.

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🔸 Companies think that 100% of candidates view their opened positions. In reality, no more than 2-3% are looking at offers. In general, for each IT candidate in January-April 2021, there were at least 30-90 proposals per day. As a result, the candidates become so tired that they simply don’t want to look for available offers by themselves. 
🔸 Insufficient company branding. If your company doesn't have a world-famous name, the hiring process isn't a quick venture. Typically, candidates study the companies they are interested in for about six months before they start to actively look for a new job.
🔸 Stages of the interview. Numerous stages of the interview are often the very first obstacle that doesn’t allow you to hire quickly. Our brain prefers the path of least resistance. Thus, candidates will be likely to choose you if your hiring process is convenient for them.

Let's look at ways to make the hiring process easier and more efficient.

⭐ Make sure you advertise your open positions well. It is vital when you want to reach your target audience. Also, consider using the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). It will help you build your database of candidates over time. We at UUUSoftware have accumulated a database of hundreds of top candidates. Thus, we don’t even have to publish our positions. We can simply find candidates by using our database.
⭐ Reduce the number of interview stages to two at most, prescreening included. If you want an applicant to perform a technical task, use the interview to check the candidate's competence. We at UUUSoftware have been doing this without losing efficiency for 5 years.
⭐ Consider offshore. Nowadays, Eastern European labor markets are growing. There are hundreds of world-class technical talents fluent in English. They are open-minded and ready to learn and work in a team.
⭐ Come well-prepared for the interview and try to make this process captivating. Don’t just ask questions. Be ready to provide answers to your questions if the applicant doesn’t know them. It will help the candidate learn and make your conversation active. If the candidate thanks you for asking interesting questions, it is a good sign.
⭐ Ask your CEO, CTO, or a senior team member to join the technical interview. Every applicant wants to feel important. The higher the rank of the invited person, the higher the chances that a candidate will remember and like your company.

Of course, you need to hire only those candidates who solve your problems. But sometimes there is no ideal candidate. Thus, the popular thought "good, but let's see more" may not work in today's hot market. You can lose a fit candidate and almost never find a better one.

The world is changing rapidly, and many companies do not have months to hire one person. By using some of these tricks, you can be sure you will close the opened positions faster and make your business more efficient.

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