How to attract software engineers who are in high demand?

Dmitri S.
Dmitri S.
May 10, 2022 •2 min read

When we look at the numbers from the last five years, it becomes clear that the demand for software engineers has been on the rise for quite some time now. Moreover, it continues to skyrocket regardless of geography. In our new article, you’ll learn what company owners can do to counteract the risks of specialist shortages and skill gaps.

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Business development and digital transformation are impossible without new skilled specialists. As we discussed in our previous post, the competition for proficient staff is accelerating globally. The shortage of software developers may be affected by hiring budgets, timelines, and the growth of businesses. If you are looking to hire experienced developers with the desired soft skills, you know how hard it is to find and persuade quality developers to join your company.

What can you do to recruit skilled developers? And how to become a company that is more likely to attract in-demand software engineers? If you focus on the following areas, you may improve your hiring chances:

  1. Consider your company's benefits, and make sure the salary rate you offer is competitive. If you are not paying the market rate, the hiring process may be challenging. Companies with a sufficient budget and prestige have an edge in attracting applicants. You are likely to succeed, at least in the short term, if you offer a salary that is a bit higher than average. It does not have to be too high, but offering a salary that is a bit above average works great. Besides salary, the benefits companies usually offer their employees include health insurance and paid vacation leaves. Some companies give developers a flexible work schedule or allow them to work remotely. Free lunch, snacks, and coffee are other perks that most companies propose. Competitive benefits will help you attract top talents. It will also keep your current staff and promote beneficial relationships with your employees.
  2. Consider software outsourcing. The shortage of software engineers poses an awkward problem for companies. It is especially challenging for companies seeking to hire applicants with the right skill set. But partnering with software outsourcing companies can put these businesses in a good position. According to a Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO survey, 41% of organizations plan to increase their spending on software outsourcing.
  3. Take care of your company’s positive reviews. Talented job seekers have high expectations when they look for their next place of work. Make sure your company appears at the top of the search and has positive feedback at Glassdoor. Moreover, the information presented on each page of your career site and job description should show your employee value proposition. It should demonstrate that you are ready to invest in your people.
  4. Ensure that software development processes are well-organized. All developers prefer planned and well-structured work. They appreciate a stress-free environment and want to have tasks described in detail. Keeping the organization of the delivery process in order is also a great advantage. Chaotic environments, unrealistic deadlines, and unclear responsibilities repel brilliant engineers.
  5. Developers are most likely to apply for a position if the company offers interesting and innovative projects. It is best if the project idea is fresh and revolutionary. But if it is not, then try to focus on your other advantages.
  6. Use the latest tech stack, or at least have the plan to migrate to the latest tech stack in the future. It will provide your applicants with a vision of how to use new technologies.
  7. Keep up with general tech development trends and provide employees with the most relevant training. Your staff should feel they have room for professional growth within your company. Applicants should have the opportunity to build marketable skills.
  8. Establish a good company culture, and it will result in a good reputation. Company culture includes the office environment, company missions, goals, expectations, ethics, and values. It attracts and keeps good staff, improves productivity, and boosts employee satisfaction. It also fosters a positive and healthy environment.


The tech environment’s emerging demands are constantly changing. Thus, the shortage of software engineers will continue to skyrocket. To counteract these risks, company owners move their software development offshore. Today, it is proven that the Eastern European countries can offer a wide pool of professional developers. That's why a growing number of companies, such as Microsoft, TuneIn, Lebara, Google, Skype, or Slack, choose to hire developers there.

Leveraging the benefits of partnering with outsourcing companies will help you be better equipped. To ensure a smooth extension of your local team, cooperate with a reliable tech or recruitment partner who knows market specifics. As a custom SaaS developer and recruitment agency, UUUSoftware specializes in filling challenging technical positions. We have automated recruitment processes and provide candidates with relevant qualifications and amusing projects. Our company matches startups and enterprise companies with engineers for their mutual benefit.

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