Top 20 Cloud Application Developers in Canada

Vadim K.
Vadim K.
January 11, 2023 •10 min read

Cloud application development is a future-proof approach that most companies want to utilize. The key advantages of app development in the cloud include scalability, disaster recovery, cost efficiency, and easy deployment. It adds value to your application and increases its reliability. Nevertheless, not all software development companies have the time and resources to build applications in the cloud. Cloud application development requires a profound understanding of data architecture. Thus, we have prepared a list of the best cloud application developers in Canada to make it easier for you to choose one to partner with.

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We have analyzed the cloud application developers in Canada and made a list of the best ones for your consideration. Our list is based on three key metrics. They are the years of experience, the Clutch rating, and the quality of the services according to unbiased reviews.

  1. UUUSoftware

    Headquarters: Toronto, Canada


    *based on 4 Clutch reviews

    UUUSoftware has over 15 years of experience in custom application development. The team offers a wide range of services, including onshore and offshore staffing, cloud migration, mobile and web application development and design, DevOps, etc. UUUSoftware is a proficient cloud application developer with deep experience in various industries and an advanced tech stack.

    The UUUSoftware team is led by Ph.D. engineers who aim to architect, build, and improve complex applications. The company helps technology companies of any age and scale.

  2. noesis digital

    Headquarters: Montreal, Canada

    Noesis digital

    *based on 2 Clutch reviews

    Noesis Digital, based in Montreal, uses cutting-edge technology to assist clients in developing fully customized digital solutions. Their projects involve web and mobile application development, cloud architecture, integrations, and custom software development. Noesis Digital is experienced in process automation, automated document generation, and many more.

  3. Vendasta

    Headquarters: Saskatoon, Canada


    *based on 1 Clutch review

    Vendasta is a perfect choice for marketing companies. The company offers platforms for companies that sell products and services to small and medium businesses. With its cloud marketplace, Vendasta provides its clients with high-functioning digital marketing automation. The team believes that the cloud marketplace is the future for managed service providers.

  4. Encaptechno

    Headquarters: Brampton, Canada


    *based on 3 Clutch reviews

    Encaptechno specializes in custom software development, cloud migration, and integrations. The company serves various industries, including banking, finance, hospitality, etc. Encaptechno, as a Microsoft Cloud and Amazon Web Services Solution Provider, offers its clients deep expertise in cloud computing.

  5. IT Partners Inc.

    Headquarters: Calgary, Canada

    IT Partners Inc

    *based on 2 Clutch reviews

    IT Partners Inc. offers small and midsized companies accessibility and efficiency with cloud computing. The company helps its clients find the most effective ways to embrace cloud technology. The main focus of IT Partners Inc. is in the fields of architecture, healthcare, oil and gas, municipalities, and transportation.

  6. SEYA Group

    Headquarters: Burnaby, Canada

    SEYA Group

    *based on 1 Clutch review

    SEYA Group is a leading cloud computing technology company. The company builds scalable, cost-effective, and advanced solutions to help its clients with digital transformation. The company’s services include and are not limited to cloud-native product development and modernization, container strategizing, microservice development, etc.

  7. Nexapp

    Headquarters: Quebec, Canada


    *based on 1 Clutch review

    Nexapp is a custom application agency from Quebec, founded in 2014. The company is experienced in the most efficient engineering practices, including CICD, DevOps, and cloud-native development. Being an AWS partner, Nexapp helps technology companies with cloud-based application modernization and improvement.

  8. Punchcard Systems

    Headquarters: Edmonton, Canada

    Punchcard Systems

    *based on 5 Clutch reviews

    Punchard Systems is proficient in custom application development for middle-sized and enterprise companies. The agency believes that cloud technology is the most cost-effective and time-efficient solution. Thus, it helps IT companies leverage these cloud opportunities by developing cloud-native applications. Punchard systems has extensive experience in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

  9. Webisoft

    Headquarters: Montreal, Canada


    *based on 5 Clutch reviews

    Webisoft is an experienced cloud application developer. Its cloud-related services include managed services, AWS web, mobile, and enterprise application development, cloud-based SaaS development, AWS consulting and migration support, and resource tracking. Webisoft knows how to build secure, rapid, and responsive solutions.

  10. Datawalls

    Headquarters: Toronto, Canada


    *based on 5 Clutch reviews

    Datawalls is a Toronto-based software development company that follows the Agile methodology. The team focuses on delivering user-friendly applications. Datawalls uses an advanced tech stack to build cloud-based digital platforms. The company leverages its experience and knowledge to create innovative solutions that will help its clients grow and scale.

  11. Fintelics

    Headquarters: Toronto, Canada


    *based on 3 Clutch reviews

    Fintelics is a Toronto-based company that develops innovative, advanced, and future-proof solutions. It specializes in emerging technologies such as AI and blockchain. The company is an AWS Advanced Tier Consulting Partner and was awarded “Best Custom FinTech Consultancy ⁠— Ontario.”

  12. Blue Orbits

    Headquarters: Clarington, Canada

    Blue Orbits

    *based on 1 Clutch review

    Blue Orbits provides its clients with professional software development and cloud services. It is a small agency from Clarington that leverages its expertise and experience to bring innovations to each of its clients. Blue Orbits is focused on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud computing solutions. Being a proponent of the Agile methodology, the company builds dynamic applications that are adaptable for the future.

  13. Pentabay Softwares Inc.

    Headquarters: Oakville, Canada

    Pentabay Softwares Inc.

    *based on 3 Clutch reviews

    Pentabay Softwares Inc. is an experienced technology consulting firm that specializes in cloud computing and migration. The team leverages secure cloud services to build scalable and flexible business environments on demand. Pentabay Softwares Inc. develops custom web applications with Amazon Web Services. It also helps middle-sized companies and enterprises in analytics and management, blockchain development, project management, and many more.

  14. MoogleLabs

    Headquarters: Mississauga, Canada


    *based on 5 Clutch reviews

    MoogleLabs is an outsourcing company that focuses on application development. The recently founded company leverages DevOps practices, ML, AI, blockchain technologies, and data science to help businesses build software applications. The MoogleLabs team develops microservices and cloud-native apps on Knative and Kubernetes.

  15. Integral Software Consulting

    Headquarters: Toronto, Canada

    Integral Software Consulting

    *based on 2 Clutch reviews

    Integral Software Consulting is a small-sized engineering agency. It focuses on architecting and developing complex and innovative cloud software solutions for companies in the manufacturing and fintech fields. The company uses its technology stack and experience to optimize and automate software processes.

  16. Mantrax Solutions

    Headquarters: Mississauga, Canada

    Mantrax Solutions

    *based on 1 Clutch review

    Mantrax Solutions is a custom software development company ready to design, build, and scale cloud-based applications. It is a small team of professionals that has already delivered over 100 projects. Mantrax Solutions assists companies in application development, infrastructure setup, cloud migration, usage monitoring, managed hosting, and DevOps.

  17. Chrono Innovation

    Headquarters: Montreal, Canada

    Chrono Innovation

    *based on 1 Clutch review

    Chrono Innovation uses the best practices to provide its clients with innovative, complex, and creative solutions. Their services include product development, software engineering, and cloud infrastructure management. Chrono Innovation, which began only three years ago, has already earned the trust of many clients due to its honesty and transparency in the development processes.

  18. Robots & Pencils

    Headquarters: Calgary, Canada

    Robots & Pencils

    *based on 1 Clutch review

    Robots & Pencils is a trusted partner to many world-famous companies. It was founded in 2009. Since then, the company that once focused on mobile app development has transformed into an innovative technology-driven agency. Robots & Pencils helps its clients with mobile and web development, UX and UI design, business transformation, and modernization services.

  19. Stackfee

    Headquarters: Montreal, Canada


    *based on 2 Clutch reviews

    Stackfee is a Montreal-based software development agency. It has been on the market for over 3 years, helping its clients with the development of web, mobile, and native applications. Stackfee’s cloud technology stack includes AWS, Azure, and GCP. The team is glad to help companies migrate to the cloud or build a cloud-based solution from scratch.

  20. FenceCore IT Solutions

    Headquarters: Quebec, Canada

    FenceCore IT Solutions

    *based on 6 Clutch reviews

    As a partner of AWS and Azure private cloud providers, FenceCore IT Solutions offers a wide range of services, including architecting cloud-based infrastructure, disaster recovery, cloud migration, and private hosting. The team has 10 years of experience in designing, developing, deploying, and configuring a secure cloud infrastructure.

How to choose a reliable cloud application developer?

There are several criteria you should take into consideration when choosing the best cloud application developer. The checklist can include several questions, including:

  • The years of the company’s experience
  • Does the chosen vendor have enough qualified personnel to fulfill the requirements?
  • The location of the company’s main office
  • Does the company have experience in the particular field you are interested in? Does it have successfully completed projects?

Why should you choose UUUSoftware over other agencies?

UUUSoftware is a reliable partner with extensive experience. Being on the market for over 15 years, our team has already successfully completed projects for such well-known companies as IBM, CIBC, RBC, City of Toronto, and Cox Automotive.

The Clutch rating and quality of UUUSoftware services on Clutch are superior. To check out some of our projects, you can look through our case studies. UUUSoftware is an experienced vendor in various industries, including finance, telecommunications, media, retail, ecommerce, healthcare, etc.

Feel free to contact us to estimate the cost and timing of your project. We will be glad to answer all your questions and consult you on cloud application development.

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