Top 12 Recruitment Agencies in Canada

Vadim K.
Vadim K.
June 1, 2023 •10 min read

In the competitive landscape of talent acquisition, Canada boasts a vibrant ecosystem of recruitment companies that excel in connecting employers with exceptional candidates. This article dives deep into the realm of recruitment, unveiling the top 12 companies that have earned their reputation for excellence in Canada. From nationwide agencies to niche specialists, each organization brings unique strengths, innovative approaches, and a commitment to delivering top-notch recruitment solutions. Join us as we explore these industry leaders and the invaluable services they provide in shaping the workforce landscape of Canada.

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1. Maple Tech Talent

Maple Tech Talent

Since 2022, Maple Tech Talent has been empowering Canadian Financial, IT, and Telecom industries with flexible and reliable recruitment services. As a subsidiary of UUUSoftware, a trusted software development company with 15 years of experience in hiring and staff outsourcing, they have the strong support and expertise to establish themselves as experts in their niche market.

Their mission is to help make IT projects happen and become prosperous by creating lasting partnerships with their clients and candidates. They are driven by values of respect, trust, professionalism, and excellence and specialize in the rapid recruitment of senior and higher-level positions.

2. Randstad Technologies

Randstad Technologies

Randstad Technologies is a multinational IT recruitment and services company specializing in recruiting technology professionals. The company has offered IT staffing and consulting services for over 25 years and has offices in 38 countries. The company is headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

In Canada, the company has offices in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver and offers a variety of services, such as contract staffing, permanent placements, and project solutions. The firm offers employment solutions in a variety of technical areas, such as software development, network engineering, cybersecurity, data analytics, and cloud computing.

Randstad Technologies maintains a large database of pre-screened and qualified professionals, allowing them to find the perfect candidate for a job opening quickly. They also use innovative technology tools and procedures such as artificial intelligence-based screening, automated assessments, and video interviews for effective recruitment.

Their team of experienced recruiters and account managers work closely with customers to understand business needs and offer customized employment solutions.

3. Robert Half Technologies

Robert Half Technologies

With over 60 years of industry expertise, Robert Half Technologies is a prominent provider of IT staffing services. The agency specializes in finding IT specialists for contract, contract-to-hire, and full-time employment in various sectors.

The firm has offices in all major Canadian cities - Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Calgary - making it easy to serve clients across the country. RHT specializes in finding candidates in areas such as software development, network engineering, cybersecurity, data analytics, and cloud computing. In addition, the company offers specialized services such as project management, business analysis, and technical writing.

The company states that it uses innovative technological tools and procedures, such as artificial intelligence-based selection and automated candidate evaluation, to ensure effective recruitment.

Robert Half Technologies is always ready to offer a team of professional recruiters and account managers who can understand the customer's business requirements and offer customized hiring solutions. The company also provides ongoing assistance to clients and candidates throughout the hiring process, ensuring a superior experience for all parties.

4. Procom


Procom is a significant Canadian IT employment and services firm specializing in talent acquisition, managed services, and consulting. The organization has been in business for over 40 years and provides its clients with a high-quality workforce and solutions.

Procom provides IT staffing services such as contract, contract-to-hire, permanent placements, and project-based solutions. They specialize in IT staffing solutions such as software development, infrastructure, cybersecurity, data analytics, and project management.

The organization has a staff of seasoned recruiters adept at discovering and screening top IT candidates. They also employ innovative technological tools and procedures, such as artificial intelligence-based screening, skills testing, and video interviews, to ensure efficient recruiting.

Agency also offers managed services such as IT project management, application development, infrastructure maintenance, and workforce alternatives. They collaborate closely with customers to understand their company goals and create tailored solutions to suit those demands.

Procom has a solid reputation for providing high-quality services and solutions to its clients, and the company has won multiple honors for its efforts. The firm is dedicated to offering an excellent experience for clients and applicants, and it takes pleasure in developing long-term connections with its clients.

5. Modis


Modis is a global recruitment and IT services company for small and large corporations. The company has been operating for over 30 years, has over 30,000 workers, and is represented in over 20 countries.

The services that the company provides can be broken down into three parts. These are technical consulting, staffing, and educational programs.

Technical consulting, in turn, is divided into three smaller areas:

  • Consulting in the field of intellectual industry. Helping with the creation of new business models, new customer experiences, and infrastructure upgrades
  • Intelligent business platforms. Optimization of CRM, SCM, HRMS
  • Smart Technology Platforms. End-to-end solutions to minimize costs and maximize business impact.

Regarding recruitment services, Modis can offer its clients permanent, freelance, and temporary staffing services. The main sectors the company serves are automotive, transport, financial and energy, and IT companies.

In short, Modis has a strong reputation for providing high-quality services and solutions to its clients.

6. TalentSphere


TalentSphere is a Canadian staffing service offering businesses IT recruitment and hiring solutions. The agency was established more than ten years ago and has continued to provide services to clients from across the country ever since.

The company offers a variety of staffing options, such as temporary, contract, and permanent positions. As a separate service, there is also the possibility of selecting executives. TalentSphere associates have an average of over ten years of executive search experience. They are always willing to provide exceptional industry references to ensure their clients confidently engage with TalentSphere in a successful process.

TalentSphere has over 500 job offers from 20 industries on its website regarding mid-level and entry-level positions. Companies from other sectors, from medicine to construction, apply for TalentSphere services.

The desire to understand each company's specific requirements and offer a tailored recruitment solution sets the company apart in the market. It makes it one of the leaders in Canadian recruitment.

7. S.i.Systems

S.i. Systems

S.i. Systems is a professional Canadian staffing agency that specializes in IT staffing solutions. Their experience in IT staffing, a vast network of IT specialists across Canada, and commitment to providing excellent customer service are their assets.

The company's ability to grasp the specific requirements of its clients and find the most appropriate talent for them is one of its core competencies. The firm has a rigorous selection process to ensure people have the right skills, experience, and certifications.

Another feature of the agency is its emphasis on long-term client relationships. They take the time to learn about their customers' businesses and cultures, allowing them to create staffing solutions that align with their client's aims and beliefs.

S.i.Systems, like any other staffing firm, has its weaknesses. One of their main flaws is that their services are confined to the IT industry, making them unsuitable for firms searching for staffing solutions in other areas. Another source of weakness is that their fees are greater than those of other staffing companies in the market.

8. Lannick

Vaco Lannick

Vaco Lannick is one of the companies owned by Vaco, an international recruiting and consulting agency headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee.

Founded in 1985, Lannick was an independent recruiter in finance and accounting until 2017. After acquiring Vaco, Lannick expanded its services and, in addition to recruiting in finance, began providing IT recruiting services.

The company places more than 1,400 candidates annually and has become the preferred provider for Canada's most successful organizations, including Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.

Vaco Lannick's success is attributed to the work of a team of highly skilled and experienced recruiters who are committed to understanding the unique needs of their clients and candidates. Utilizing their extensive experience in finance, accounting and technology, Vaco Lannick has been able to consistently provide top-notch recruitment and staffing solutions to businesses in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.

By focusing exclusively on specific niches, the agency has developed a deep knowledge and understanding of the unique skills and qualifications needed to hire IT professionals, accountants, and finance professionals. This allows it to offer customized solutions to both job seekers and employers, ensuring a good match between candidates and job openings.

Today the company has three main areas of focus:

  • Lannick Finance & Accounting. Hiring middle and senior management in finance
  • Pro Count Staffing. Providing recruitment services for short-term projects
  • Lannick Technology. IT recruiting services on a contract and permanent basis

9. Finance Professionals 

Finance Professionals

Finance Professionals is another recruiting company working at the intersection of finance and IT. Founded in 2006, the agency has come a long way and today is considered one of the highest-quality recruiters in fintech.

Each month, the company finds dozens of candidates with the necessary technical skills for its clients. Right now, there are more than 30 open positions on the agency's website (mostly in Toronto), from auditor to senior project manager.

When you need a trusted partner in finance and accounting, FPI is just what you need. The agency has a strong reputation in finance and accounting, and its commitment to quality, professionalism, and integrity can make it a trusted partner for your recruitment needs. Its extensive experience in fintech and track record of successful placements will give you confidence in FPI's ability to find the best talent.

10. Experis


Experis is North America's leading staffing agency, specializing in staffing solutions for industries such as IT, engineering, finance, and healthcare. With a strong position in the Canadian labor market, Experis offers a wide range of recruitment services to both job seekers and employers.

The company is headquartered in Milwaukee, WI, USA. The United States is also home to the bulk of the company's 46 locations. The company's only Canadian office is in Ottawa.

One of the notable features of Experis is its expertise in IT recruitment. The company's recruiters are always ready to find the right candidate for their clients, with a database of 9,000 IT professionals.

Experis also has an extensive network of relationships with employers ranging from small and medium-sized businesses to large multinationals. This allows them to offer candidates a wide range of positions, from entry-level to executive positions.

In addition to its IT recruiting expertise, Experis also offers recruitment services in other industries, such as engineering, finance, and healthcare. In total, the company finds performers for more than 1,200 jobs each year for the U.S. and Canadian markets. That makes it one of the largest recruiting organizations in North America. The company has a team of industry-specific recruiters who understand the nuances of these sectors and can offer customized solutions to meet the unique needs of their clients.

11. Tundra Technical

Tundra Technical

Founded in 2004, Tundra Technical has adopted "Hunt, Gather, Thrive" as its slogan. These three words explain the whole concept and mission of the company.

In a highly competitive world, the search for IT talent has become a real hunt. Armed with the latest candidate search technology, employees go out daily looking for the best options.

Whether it's a direct talent search or managing payroll programs, Tundra helps create a customized talent ecosystem. This simple and effective approach makes it easier for clients to access highly qualified talent and to gather the best of them when needed.

One of the primary desires of an employee is the prospect of professional growth. Providing opportunities for talent development within the organization is another of Tundra Technical's missions.

The development potential that Tundra offers is embedded in a flexible workforce management plan, a specific approach to managing and contracting with employees.

By partnering with Tundra Technical, customers can be assured that the IT talent the company attracts will thrive within the organization.

For more than 19 years of its existence, the company has firmly established its place in the market. Eleven times Tundra Technical has been named to Canada's Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies. In 2020 and 2021, the Financial Times editors also noted the agency's speed of growth in their annual rankings. And social media activity tracking platform DSMN8 ranked the company's LinkedIn profile as the most active among other Canadian recruiting companies in 2023. (Second place went to Randstad Canada, and S.i. Systems took 3rd place!)

12. Bevertec


Bevertec is one of the oldest recruitment companies in the Canadian market. From its inception in 1981 to the present day, the agency has amassed a wealth of experience that continues to help it find the best candidates for its clients.

With over 35 years of continuous service, the agency has connected with clients in 38 countries. With a focus on IT staffing and professional services, as well as software solutions for the banking and finance sector, Bevertec serves various industries, including financial services, manufacturing, communications, transportation, crown corporations, and government agencies at all levels. They provide robust, secure, and multi-platformed e-commerce, banking, and financial products that enable electronic commercial service delivery. Bevertec prides itself on its diverse and highly skilled team of professionals who consistently deliver strategic business solutions.

The company currently has more than 60 current vacancies in its database. Most are from the IT (26) and accounting (21) categories.

Although Bevertec provides its services all over the country, the main number of vacancies is concentrated in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario (19 and 22).

In addition to staffing services, the company also provides software solutions for the banking and financial sectors, such as Alert Management Solutions (AMS), Comprehensive Card Solutions, Financial Transaction Solutions, etc.

These 12 recruitment powerhouses have redefined the art of talent acquisition in Canada. With their unwavering dedication to matching the right candidates with the right opportunities, these companies have revolutionized the way organizations approach hiring. As Canada's job market continues to evolve, these firms will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the future of recruitment, propelling businesses to new heights, and helping individuals find their ideal career paths.

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